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Leylandii Cypressus?

Hi Guys,

I've recently planted a small row (5 in total) of golden leylandii, to screen an area in my garden, I dug good holes and as the ground seemed quite wet once planted Ive only watered them sporadically as I know they are tough plants, however they are turning brown around the botton speading from the central trunk out wards and progessing upwards. Is this because Ive not watered them enough?

I know lots of you would just say good let them die!!!

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Yes, probably lack of watering, Carol.  Newly planted trees of any kind should be watered once a week for a few months, regardless of the time of year that they are planted.  You might save them but at least being new plantings they will be easy to remove should they die and you want to replace them.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely the brown bits will sprout fresh green growth though, even if the trees do survive, so if you can live with that it's worth trying to save them, otherwise replace (in which case wait until late Autumn which is the best time to plant new trees.)

    PS: when you say the ground was quite wet, is it possible that it's permanently waterlogged?  That will also kill them!

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,221

    Sounds like that might be the problem Bob- I was about to say ground too wet and I read your post thinking I was wrong until I saw the last bit!

    If you can get one out and have a look Carol - or just see how the ground feels round about - it might give you the answer. If the ground's really wet or boggy you might be struggling to get anything growing there without doing a bit of work to it first.

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  • Carol 13Carol 13 Posts: 31

    Thanks Guys, I will start watering them at least once a week from now on the ground looked quite dry this morning when I walked down to them so I did give them a drink!

    as I thought that might be the case!


    have a green weekend Carol

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