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Talkback: Frost

We are getting to the stage where we need to put manure on our allotment again, but are fearful after many horror stories of manure carrying chemical poisons, which have badly affected the ability to grow crops over quite a long period. Does anyone have any advice on this? Does bagged manure have any advantange over manure direct from the farm?


  • northwood kirkby allotments i went and got bags of manure last year from my garden centre and i had no problems with it next week i am going to get sume more so at the moment i am going to keep to that.
  • Jane -- I'd like to be as gleeful about what the frosts are doing to pests as you are, but sadly I'm not! I came in an hour ago from the veg. plot with a good crop of caterpillars off my sprouts, [both the "camouflage green" + the black/yellow striped varieties] and the some of the beasts 11/2inces long. We've had a few frosts here in Norfolk to -3deg., and snow, but they are just as lively as 3 months ago. I've been gardening for over 50 years, and can't remember a year like it! (Picked outdoor strawberries on 2nd Oct., and [unheated]g/house beefsteak toms on 17th Nov. - it must be this "climate change"]
    If I knew how, I'd post a couple of pictures ----- ,
    It'd be nice to have a REAL winter this time! We can wish!
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