Clematis rubens montana pruning

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I have 2 rebens that have grown over an arch well over he last year,it says on the label tp prune after flowering, I am worried as I dont know how and if i cut it back it means it won't be covering the arch any more...and will have to start again next year.So you see i dont quite understand, sorry to sound ignorant it looked so beuatiful when it was in flower. Any advice would be wonderful. I have just bought another called Clematis Justa and thought as it is supposed to flower from now till September I could plant that next to it to flower after rubens.

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  • I have ruben montana...and although you just tidy it up after flowering... i get a bit heavy handed, but it flowers again every year, when it got a bit out of control i really gave it a good haircut, and thought i had lost her but she just keeps going.

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    I'd agree with Sandra. You can cut montanas back as much as you want really. Once they get going they can be rampant so don't be frightened to get stuck in! You can just shape it to the area you want or give it a good chop. You may lose a bit of flowering next year if you cut it back hard but that's all.

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    One note about planting clematis next to each other which flower at different times....anything flowering until September will need cutting right back to a foot or two in the spring.  A Montana only really needs dead branches removing or a bit of a tidy up.  It can be difficult to tell the difference once two plants are established, so make sure you can identify what's what for pruning purposes.

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    I don't prune my Montanas much at all, only when they get dead bits or need tidying.

    Justa will need hard pruning early spring to 20 - 30 cms. I think Montana has smaller leaves with a slight reddish flush and Justa has bigger, mid-green leaves so they may not be too hard to tell the difference, but next to each other, but far enough apart may be OK.

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    Thats really helpful, thanks so much x

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