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there is a slug living on the brickwork of my house,what sort of slug is this and how do i get rid of it..


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    You have three choices.  Live with it.  Kill it.  Remove it.

    Not all slugs are harmful to your plants.  The very biggest seem to graze on moss rather than plants.  I leave them be.

  • PassionatePassionate Posts: 225

    I hate slugs, any kind of slugs. I kill all slugs that i see, slugs on walls are just the same as  in the garden, they are looking for their next meal, maybe on the trail of a wall pot or hanging basket.

    I think more about finding plants that slugs do not like rather than hoping for a less harmful slug!

    I start the year buying packs of nematode to water over my garden then I have small plastic container with salted water always to hand, if I see a slug or snail for that matter I pick it up and in the salted water it goes.

    I have yet to understand what on earth slugs are good  for?

  • My problem this year are lily beetles .  Within a few days they ruined many of our plantsv  and even ended up in the pansies  Ive sprayed them with bug spray  but any ideas for long term ideas to rid us of them. I hate using commercial sprays as you never know what else the kill 

  • PassionatePassionate Posts: 225

    Yes I agree, I look everyday to check my lillies and I've found three on seperate occasions up to now, which is great, usually i have found loads in passed years. Just grab  them and squeeze em.

    The problem is if you take your time and miss them they fall to the ground lay upside down (being black underneath makes them impossible to see) little pests.

  • Slugs eat detritus amongst other things (detrivores), if they weren't around we'd be knee deep in rotting vegetation.  The trouble is, their mouthparts can't cope with anything that's chewy, which is why they also eat seedlings and the new growth of plants.

    A top tip someone else posted a couple of weeks ago was put a white sheet/cloth/kitchen paper underneath your lilies and give them a bit of a shake, the beetle drops off and you can then pick it off the paper and squish it.  They are vile  creatures and get no mercy if I find them (although I've only found 2 to squish this year).

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