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Sickly Bay Tree

I have sucessfully had a bay tree in a  large pot for a few years.  I ensure that I top dress each spring and give it the occasional feed when required.  Its in a sunny, but sheltered position.

In previous years its had the odd bit of sooty mould and the occasional brown leaf but overall has been really helathy, until now....

I noticed that there are black spots on the leaves of one side of the plant (but its not sooty mould) with a couple of the branches where the leaves have gone brown and curled up completely.  The brown spots seem to be spreading across the plant.

Any ideas?  In this hot weather I have been watering it, but only every couple of days and am carefuly not to overwater as I know that bays dont like that. I am planning to prune the worst affected branches off but reluctant to give it a hatchet job as its just got to a really nice shape


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,737

    Has it ever been repotted with fresh compost? 

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  • sarahfordsarahford Posts: 8

    Hi Dovefromabove

    As its pretty large plant and pot, each spring I scrape away as much compost from the top and sides and replace with new, and then give it a good feed early summer.  Could it need repotting do you think?

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Could it be scale? They are very prone to it especially in pots. Check the underside of the leaves and the stems. Any raised brownish bumps? Try scraping one off if there is.

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