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My neighbour and I have been battling this vile smelling fungus for a couple of years. as soon as one appears the smell is so awful we spend ages trying to hunt it down. we have dug down several inches and removed and replaced soil in afflicted areas. Neither Jeyes fluid nor domestos have any effect! each year it is moving further up the gardens and is showing no signs of disappearing. Help please!!!!



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    They don't last for long.  They are part of the natural world.  Let them live, or do you want to destroy everything that displeases you?

    And as for splashing bleach and Jeyes fluid all over the place.....Words fail me!

    There was a photo and explanation on this board a few weeks ago.

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    My mushroom book says that they live on rotting timber, often buried rotting timber. Are they near any old shed or suchlike? It also says that if you catch them at the "egg" stage before they turn into the classic phallus shape they are edible. So if you eat them as egg sized things they won't have time to stink. Don't know the taste or effects on the eater though.

  • I wouldn't have thought Jeyes or Bleach would do any good.  You have my sympathies, I accidentally trod on one of those things, I could smell it for weeks.  I'd try a fungicide, being as it's a fungus, as you use weedkiller for weeds, and a pesiticide for pests (hopefully a bee-friendly one).  Unless of course you are an organic gardener, in which case you either constantly battle weeds, pay lots for organic ways to deal with pests and weeds, or learn to live with weeds and pests.  Find out what it's living on and remove the food source.  They are totally horrible disgusting efforts, one of God's friday afternoon creations.  No amount of money would get me to try and eat one!!

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