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Moving house end August

Don't forget that any plants growing in the soil in a garden belong to the house and you may only take them with you if they are specifically excluded from the sale.


  • PassionatePassionate Posts: 225

    I remember when we moved house the solicitor sent us a form to complete regarding anything specific that  we wanted to take with us which  covered us for plants from the garden. As long as we added each plant to the list we could practically empty the garden but we did leave some. Ha ha.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. Oh I forgot to mention there is a small multiflowering scented white ramberling rose which is 6 ft tall and in full flower now. Not sure what it's called. It will have finished flowering when I move. I have tried to take cuttings.  Have spoken to the people who are buying my house so they know what I am removing garden wise. 

  • Chalky2Chalky2 Posts: 1

    I think its a great idea to take your plants with you when moving. When I moved into my little cottage there were no plants as the house was on rent for 10 years prior and it was all weeds and overgrown grass. I have spent £1000's of pounds making it look pretty. I would want to take my little darlings with me. If you have good soil in your new place I am sure the cuttings will be very happy to start again. Good luck!

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