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Can anyone tell me what is best planted under a tree in full shade, prefrence to flowering plants. i will say thank you in advance


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    Nettle leaves companula
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    Is the tree deciduous or evergreen .?

    If its deciduous then you can plant spring flowering bulbs, and early perennials such as foxgloves and hardy geraniums.   It usually is too much shade when it is in full leaf and dries out too much for most things later on in the summer.

    Evergreen trees usually cast too much shade and too dry to grow much underneath.

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    Rven under the shade of evergreens there are things which will thrive. Certain ferns particularly Dryopteris [ clue is in the name ], some geranium paricularly G. phaeum, Euphorbia amygdaloides, millium effusum aureum [ lovely yellow grass ] plus many more.

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    Epimedium, has sprays of small flowers in spring, but grown mostly for foliage. Hosta, again leafy but some have lovely flowers - watch out for slugs. Brunnera Jack Frost, sprays of Forget-me-not like flowers in Spring or early summer, pretty frosted leaves that get bigger when flowers have died down. Pulmonaria, pretty flowers in spring (again!) and different chices of leaves. Lamium, but be careful which, some can be rampant. Cyclamen hederifolium flower in autumn and have very pretty leaves that last until the following late spring. I planted a few corms under a tree a few years ago and now there a lots, carpet of pretty pink flowers. I have "London Pride" a saxifrage, under that tree (deciduous) as well.

  • Jen 2Jen 2 Posts: 12

    thank you everyone for the good ideas i will be using some of them

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