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Can anyone tell me the name of this clematis.  I would like to take a cutting but not sure how?

Its 6 petals and a deeper purple than shown.





  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    One possibility is General Sikorski which has pale yellow stamens like that.  Have a look here for advice on propagating clematis:

    My advice is to take lots of cuttings as only a few will 'take'.  Professional growers use a system which provides bottom heat to the pots and an automatic misting system.  The other way is layering, where you bury a section of stem in the soil (or a pot) and once rooted sever it from the parent plant.  That works best if you scrape a small amount of the thin outer layer off of one side of the stem at the point it is buried - doing this encourages it to make roots.

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  • Hester ScottHester Scott Posts: 181

    From the colour it looks like clematis Durandii .   But then you say it is not that colour!!!

    i think general Sikorski is much more purple.

  • Thanks for that Bob I will try that.

    Yes, Hester not sure why it turned out so blue, maybe because it was taken on my mobile.  Anyway it is a dark purple colour, with pale yellow stems.  So maybe General Sikorski is the one?

    Thanks Sara I will have a go.

    Thanks all, first time on this site.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,910

    I also had trouble with purples coming out much bluer than they really were Grace and I was using a camera. There are so many purple clematis  it might be hard to determine teh variety but I'd suggest looking at one of the clematis growers' sites like Taylor's who have good info and photos so you might get a positive ID there. You can search by colour for instance.

    If you like it - just enjoy it anyway! I agree about cuttings - they can be a bit hit and miss so layering is possibly the best option. Good luck with it image

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