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I'm new to gardening and want to grow a few vegetables for the end of summer and winter but I have no idea where to start. I don't have a garden as such so would need to grow things in containers.

Can anyone suggest some veg that is easy to grow for a beginner?


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    Hi, Inky. I don't think Winter is the best time to try and grow veg in containers. Happy to be told otherwise.image

    Now I would be growing "grow and cut " salad leaves, not too late to get some mature outdoor tomato plants from garden / plant places. I would sew radishes and put shallots in and harvest them as spring onions. Possibly beetroot.

    I've never grown spring cabbage / greens in containers, maybe someone else can advise.

    You can grow some long lasting spinach and rocket. Both of mine survived being coverd in snow for weeks, but they were in the garden.

    Hope I've helped a little. Good luck.

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    I've grown Swiss chard in containers in the past - if you sow some now you'll get a crop that you can use through the autumn and into the early winter - it won't grow during the winter but when spring comes it'll make new growth and you can pick it again.  Great vegetable!

    Good luck image

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    Hi, Inky,

    Christmas spuds can also be planted now in potato bags and will be ready in late October. Usually they are left in their bags until Christmas long after the plant has died as the potatoes will keep in the compost but should be ready in October if planted in July, the longer left to plant though the less likely they are to grow to a reasonable size.   .

  • Thank's all for the advice. I'll see if I can get some salad leaves going and maybe a mature tomato plant or two. I think the potatos and chard will be a good try as well.

    Thanks again image

  • John HardingJohn Harding Posts: 473

    If you can get some early spring cabbage plants such as Durham Early you should get a crop. 3 plants in a 15" pot should be too crowded. I'd plant them in John Innes No 3 at this time of year but would add a little Epsom Salts to the soil before planting. Give the plants plenty of water before planting out and firm them in well and keep the soil moist but not wet. Be on the look out though for Cabbage White butterfly, they lay tiny yellow eggs under the leaves and the emerging caterpillars can decimate a plant in just a few days.

  • Hi new to the site. We have raised beds for most of our crops but grow salad types, courgettes in tubs which we tie as climbers. We also grow carrots and specialist spuds in tubs. Most years we pull carrots thru to December no protection used and we are 900 ft up. Make sure they have drainage. As in our raised beds we use soil/sand mix then spent mushroom compost. With spuds we just lay seed potatoes on top then a good layer of SMC. Our spuds have never been better no blight etc. If we feed we use our own comfrey or sheep dropping manure and chicken manure pellets. Basically you can grow anything in tubs we do. Just go for it, it's easy only people make things difficult.

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