(small) Retaining wall or other options

Hello, I am renovating a rockery (see other thread about "Mare's Tale" under the problems area).

i have 12 / 14" drop( approx) from the lawn edge to where I want the level of the soil to be in the rockery.

i have had largish (I think they are) 'York' stone blocks, bedded into the soil butting up to the lawn edge previously.

They were 'OK' at best (lawn edge difficult to maintain and their irregularity meant the trapped soil / weeds at the edge between the lawn and the stones.

what options are there on a plan B realistically? Sleepers? Can you get them deep enough (I.e. to include depth for them to be bedded in to the soil below? Or am I looking at some kind of retaining wall With bricks / stone?

And, if so, do I need a trench / foundation of concrete and build on that?

if I do replace the stones as they were, have I to bed them in into just the soil or will they need a dry mix onto some hardcore below to stop it all shifting? (It is level ground, so no slope / subsidence).

Thanks in advance.

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