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making a bog garden



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 42,463

    There's also Darmera peltata which is like a smaller Gunnera, and the Ligularias give a similar feel with their big leaves. They like a bit of sun though so as long as you can provide that you'll get the flowers. Any of the ferns and hostas would be great as the foliage is perfect for a jungly bog garden feel. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • dizzylizzydizzylizzy Posts: 91

    The Ligularia are excellent for your bog garden and even a shady damp area.  My 3 have flowered for the 1 st year.  My favourite is the Ligularia veitc



    hiana which has 6-7 ft spikes of  yellow flowers, and smells lovely.  Also have ferns, hosta, alstilbes (crimson red and the white are the best in my opinion) and yet to plant: rodgeria, darmera pelata,

    Ligularia veitchiana attached, flowered from end of May to early July.  The ligularia przewalskii is very similar, more spikes and less height which is in flower now.

    Alos the angelica gigas- biennial but now growing some seeds from last year's plant- also 6-7 feet high and magnificent.

    Have lots of plants to still plant out, seem to spend all my time watering them at the moment...l!  Must get going this weekend. 

    Picked up a plant from its temporary home a black plastic tray and found a newt- only 1.5 inches long, thought it was dead but was very much alive!



     The red lobelias are also great for the bog garden as like soggy feet...  Slugs love them too- but this year seems to be a good year for lack of slugs..thanks goodness


  • dan bradydan brady Posts: 11

    alex, fairygirl, dizzylizzy, hi and good suggestions, dizzylizzy that's a smart looking garden, good work! as for my attempt? well it's coming on, i saw something on the babestation channel, about sticking a branch into a damp area, encourages some insects to burrow in and lay their eggs? anybody else aware of this? did i say babestation channel? meant discovery home channel. my neighbour george has a really nice witch-hazel. can someone suggest a stockist of extra long secateurs? my pair aren't quite long enough to reach his plant from my side of the fence? i'd ask him for a cutting but he's not speaking after i borrowed his ride-on to go down to greggs for the 4 sausage roll deal, 2 vanilla slices and a bag of various scones, the blueberry were lovely. i didn't know you aren't allowed on the road with a drive-on, didn't stop that guy in the movie going to visit his bro? strangely enough my garden is looking remarkably similar to george's! we appear to have the same taste in flora! pop in the old soil sara, just mix in some compost to liven it up, listen to me, 5 posts and i'm an expert!




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