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Talkback: Evergreen trees: the holm oak

Hi there, We are collecting/rehoming five miniture conifers l have read about keeping the root ball together can you tell me abit more as l would really like them to survive the move.


  • If mature then dig them out with as big a root ball as possible - unless they are still young in which case they will need less soil.
    Most importantly water well.
  • A fine looking tree

    The only problem in a garden is the constant fall of leaves in May April & June
    Ihave to use the mower every day to clear the lawn of these leather type leaves that will take years to rot away
  • Roy: Evergreen trees have to lose their leaves at some point and tend to shed steadily through early summer - as you have noticed.
    At least if you are using the mower to collect them then they are being chopped into smaller fragments which will rot down quicker.
  • I aslso think your best bet is the ever green Oak. It is far better in my opinion to plant the Good Old Brithish oak but this as we all know will not keep its leaves all the year round. Most people would just plant an evergreen fir. Good on you for deciding on the next baest thing to the Brith Oak tree.
  • I live in the Northeast USA - Pennsylvania. I am attempting to find a Holm Oak. Appears they are readily available in the UK. How do I obtain one in the US - any suggestions? Thanks!
  • There are some semi evergreen oaks too that will tolerate our climate. Really if you have to create a screen and need a tree to grow quickly with deciduous trees then some of our hedging conifers will do the job. The fiend of the sub-urban garden (Cupressocyparis x leylandii) makes a fine specimen if left alone and be a saviour to small birds in cold weather.
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a Holm Oak hedge that was planted in December 2015.

    Part of the hedge is about 2 feet high and the other part of the hedge is between 4 and five feet high as its more open and the hedge is for shelter and privacy.

    The taller plants are starting to look a bit leggy, so im wondering how to prune them and when, so they thicken up to provide a good hedge.

    Can someone help?
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