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To all you Salvia experts out there...

yesterday I moved my salvia from my very rocky gravely herb garden to my rose bed inorder to surround the roses. When I did manage to uproot it, I found only a few strands of root, and the root ball was very small. Will it grow as well as it did in my herb garden?? image

i've attached a photo to show you the variety.

Many thanks!!!!




  • Rose ladyRose lady Posts: 107

    Im sorry about the upside down photo. It was the right way up when uploadedimage


  • Rose ladyRose lady Posts: 107

    Hi Verdun. Thank you for the replyimage

    Yes it is the hardy type, and its called Salvia Sylvestris ' mainacht'. It is a neat clump-forming it says on the tin.

    Fingers crossed, will keep a close eye on it.


  • Rose ladyRose lady Posts: 107




  • Rose ladyRose lady Posts: 107

    Thank you Verdun. I inspected it a lot today, and it seems happy in the rose garden.

    If it doesn't survive, then i'll start again.

    Enjoy your weekend. Weather looks very promising image

    RL X

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