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To continue my thread regarding shredders - I have received plenty of helpful replies from you in the past on this topic.  We have decided that a shredder that accepts both woody brown matter and green garden waste would be best for us. Looking at a Bosch AXT 25TC or something similar - has anyone used one of this type please?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,455

    I have a similar bosch quiet one. It has a screw mechanism that chops twigs into chunks. It copes best with long straight bits like branches. Very good with long brambles if fed in so that it grabs it and then just chews away. The reverse function is good for clogs if you put something too big in. Not very good with soft thin green stuff, I have to use an old alko impact shredder for fine stuff.

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  • I have a Bosch quiet one too, had it for  quite some years now. Agree with Fidget, it doesn't like green leafy branches much, tends to clog, but will cope if you don't put in too much and then follow up with something more woody to clear away the soft bits. Alternating like this it will get through it, if a little more slowly. Still better than having it hanging around taking up space. It is always amazing seeing what a great pile of stuff will reduce to!

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