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WARNING: Froglets & porous Paving do not mix.


We have 2 small wildlife ponds, which were just dug, lined and filled from the tap. Added a few oxygenating plants and left alone. After a year we have common newts (and young), frogs, tadpoles, damselfiles and pond-skaters just to name the easy to spot ones. We are lucky living next to a wood and suspect all this wildlife was always there just waiting to colonize.

However as froglets are now emeging from the ponds, I noticed a few were getting their wet little feet stuck to some new concrete paving stones around the pond edge image.

I spent a couple of days patrolling and wetting the stones to release them but have now taken up the stones altogether and will replace with planting to pond edge and rounded cobbles to give them plenty of cover.

I would like to use the stones elsewhere in the garden but need to seal them to prevent any other problems. Can anyone recommend an environmentally friendly and safe sealent that I can use ? I see some advertised at DIY stores, has anyone used them ? 

Thanks Alan

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