Strawberry problems

jp35jp35 Posts: 2


It seems as though my strawberry crop has been decimated before the season has started. Everyday I go out to pick strawberries I end up picking up twice as many unripe(green) strawberries that have fallen to the ground. I think it might be the strawberry seed beetle but I could not find anything saying the fruit would fall to the ground after their seeds being eaten. It looks like a clean cut between the fruit and its stem.

Has anyone else been bothered with this pest and any hints on controlling the problem? I have tried using supports to lift all my strawberry fruit off the ground so as to make it harder for the beetles but it does not seem to be helping much.

Thanks for any advice


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    Are they netted?

    Sometimes Squirrels get in only to find unripe Strawberries :P

  • jp35jp35 Posts: 2

    Yes they are as had problems with squirrels and mice in previous years but this time the fruit has been harldy touched, just a load of fruit with their seeds removedimage

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