Chinese Trumpet Flower

A beautiful morning here in Montrose and as I was wandering around my garden I noticed that the Incarvillea Delavayi that I planted as bulbs has produced seed pods where the flowers have dropped.  Can I keep and plant these? Should I cut the flowered stems back or leave them like we do tulips etc?  They are grown in a pot -should I lift them for the winter or leave them be? 

  Can you tell I've never grown them before? image  


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    Hi Sheena, as soon as the pods start going dry and brown you can cut the stem off at soil level and save the seeds for sowing next spring.  If you don't want to save the seed, cut each stem off immediately after the last flower drops off as this can extend the flowering season and they may throw up new flower stems - letting the seeds ripen on the plant will stop it producing new flowers - that's a general 'rule of thumb' with most flowering plants.

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  • Thanks Bob. That's a useful tip. I think I'll cut them down as I would love a second flowering if possible. They are so pretty. 

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