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Anyone found any unusual / noteworthy plant combos? I've got a goody - huge bergenia cordifolia at front, medium-sized blue geranium behind, interplanted with aster divaricatus (so the aster flowers flops all over the bergenia and the geranium flowers nod just above it) with crocosmia (montbretia) at the back. This helps prop up the geraniums and flowers when the others have finished. This combo keeps me in colour for months and never bores me. Looks particularly gorgeous for me as backlit in the morning. The crocosmia leaves just glow above the dark, opaque bergenia. Kind of behind and to one side I have a large purple cotinus I squidge bedding cosmos into and a little bit of alchemilla around the place. All very nice and changing continuously through the year.

Looking for some nice bedfellows for sisyrinchium at mo as have just opened up my first ever truly sun-baked bed. On a steep incline too, so drainage can be extreme... Any thoughts?



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    Something looking really good at the moment is a combo that combines; adark red astrantia, a purple/red lupin, cirsium rivulare and sweetpea matcuna.

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    oh, I'm envious. Can't do proper lupins cos they get slugged to bits. Have sown my own tree lupins b4, which was a doddle. Might do some more for with my sisy actually... Have had a potentilla nearby croak recently so perhaps the tl could replace... What I really want is lupin 'thundercloud' tho. Scrummy.

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    Lavender and California poppies, purple and bright orange, real knock you over colour combination.

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