Help my bleak garden!



Hi guys, I recently moved into my first home and have started to tackl



e my small back garden, im after some direction and guidance!

I'm a complete beginner with gardening but have had a fair go myself, it just looks a bit bleak still!

Also I'm looking for something to grow up the back fence and across the top trellis for privacy from nosy neighbours, any tips would be much appreciated!!



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    Errr that really didnt turn out right! That was posted from my iPhone, sorry! 


    The top picture is before bottom is now

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    Hey GC. In general, you want fewer things that are larger, rather than loads of differet diddy things. Small scale planting makes spaces seem even smaller. Which bits are sunny and which shady? And is the soil light/heavy/dry/sticky...? Another 4 or 5 things around the place, of the scale of the 2 biggies on fence, would help it feel immediately established, and then leave you freer to fill in the areas between them as and when something takes your fancy. If you look for nurseries local to you, you should be able to get decent sized shrubs/climbers much more cheaply than in garden centres. Start a post asking if anyone knows any good ones local to you.. Gives u somewhere to start. Nursery staff tend to be very knowledgeable too, so can be really helpful, provided u give them the info I asked for..

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    Thanks Auntie Betty! 

    the garden is north facing but the back border on the back fence gets a lot of sun up to about half of the side border which is shaded by the shed. I beed to plant something which likes shade, maybe ferns?  Can u suggest other plants I should look at

  • I also have a small garden which I had to start almost from scratch. I made loads of mistakes befrore finally arriving at something I liked. First, was your garden a field before the houses were built? If so, the soil may be terrible, maybe heavy clay. One really vital thing I have learnt is that your plants are as good as the soil they go into. If you dig borders, and the soil seems either very heavy and sticky or very light and sandy, the solution is the same - lots of compost and rotted manure dug into it. Then deside what real features you want - a small tree, a shed, a summerhouse, a patio or path? You can have one or two large things and then arrange everything else around it as you want. 

  • I like Gardening Grandma's suggestion.  I'm no expert in gardening nor a design guru but creating a focal point in your garden area would be easier to plan. There are many possibilities. You can have a bird bath and from there you can build the complimentary pieces to complete the overall look. Even the kind of blooms you want to mix in will be easier. My own backyard is not that great but i'm slowly getting there. One thing is for sure i'll always have my lovely rain chains!



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    weathervanes and rainchains - is this the equivalent of product placement?

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    You could make your lawn circular instead of square. Just need a peg, line and spade!

    This will give you larger 'corners' to plant in and reduce the box like feel. 

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