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Using Fleece to Protect Outside Fuchsia's

I'm pretty much a newbie, and have bought some fleece to help protect some of my less hardy fuchsia's that aren't in pots (the ones that are are now in the cold frame and greenhouse!).  My question may sound a bit daft, but can I leave the fleece on all winter, or do i need to remove it to let the plants get some sun on warmer days?  I work full time, so don't have the chance to wait til the temperature has raised up a bit during the day to remove the fleece (except at weekends).


Thanks in advance!


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Yes you can leave fleece in place they'll be going dormant now so sun won't matter till it warms up in spring. Keep them dry as well, no water at all over winter. Water again in spring.

  • Many thanks both, that's a great help! Every book and website says to protect tenders with fleece, but then don't give you the details on how to use it ????
  • I've got an oddball Fuschia called Lechlade Gorgon, the root seems to be hardy but unless I cover it with fleece the top gets cut down by frost each year. No matter what I do though I cant get it to flower - any ideas?


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