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Good afternoon, I was wondering if anyone knows of a nursery near north or east London? In going to buy quite a lot of plants so don't fancy spending the ???? at my local garden centres. Many thanks, Sam


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    Clockhouse Nursery at Forty Hall in Enfield is one of the biggest and cheapest in North London.  Also in the area is Crews Hill, well know to gardeners in North London as the home of about 10 large garden centres all based along one road.  This includes specialist nurseries (Wildwoods/aquatic plants), big chains such as Wyevale, small independents like Woldens, Paramount (sells fully grown trees) and The Gardening Club which is an enormous wholesale nursery which offers access to Joe public for a small annual fee of about £4.  They sell the cheapest manure/compost anywhere.

  • This is very helpful, thanks!
  • My question is to ask for help to find a local nursery!

    previously I've bought from both my local independent garden centre but I'm going to need to buy in excess of 100 plants, and being the mark up at my local garden centres is quite high, and I'm not a millionaire, I'll go to my - local - nursery instead. Thanks Jo for your friendly and helpful input.
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