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Talkback: Ant invasion

Monique, a Leaf fan, set up this plumb persistent to believe. Now, let me goal out that this was in no way an try to articulate one cooperate is advantage than the other. It was even-handed a goal to articulate two things.


  • As the ants have no capability to disperse by flight, if common sense prevails (which is unlikely in the present day UK)the English Channel should be an effective barrier to prevent them arriving here. That is of course unless they're imported using potted shrubs and plants as Trojan Horses. The government should immediately outlaw such imports with stringent penalties for those who don't obey. We have more than enough indigenous ants making thorough pests of themselves and we certainly don't need lasius neglectus to add to our woes. Still, if the government shows as much initiative with the ants as it does with its immigration policy.....
  • Hi Jane
    Yes that does not sound one bit appealing I must admit.
    only problem I found in the past with ants,was the fact ant powder seemed to have no effect whatsoever.
    I had a major problem with wasps in my roof,which were immune to wasp powder as well,but someone suggested woodlice powder which done the trick nicely.
    Anyway,the best of luck
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