I have a honeysuckle in my garden, and it has lost all its leaves.

I planted it in August 2009, but since then I have dug nanure into the soil. 

The flowers also do not look good, and there is some old wood, which I guess I should have pruned out   It has climbed to the tope of my fence.

Can you offer me any advice please?



  • Thanking you, un anticipation.


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Hi Barbara. How much sun does it get?

  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 549

    Barbara don't worry i planted mine in early April then dug in some manure around the bed it's in end of April and it lost leaves and ones left went dark but after watering and feeding it over next 6 weeks it has come back looking great. I think it's the break down of the manure that's maybe to strong for the roots and burn them a little bit but as i say mine came away good again good luck.

  • In answer to your question re: sunshine.

    The plant gets quite alot of sun early morning, and then again in the evening.


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Not too much sun then. Just wanted to check because they are better with shade from the hottest part of the day...at least the roots are. Was there any sign of powdery mildew or aphid attack? Yes prune out old wood. This helps to let air circulate.

  • I have recently spraye the Honeysuckle with bug spray, but I do believe it had already been attacked.   Is it best to prune out all the dead wood at this time of year?

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    If its completely dead then any time but yes now is good to allow air to circulate and stop things like powdery mildew getting a hold. You say the flowers are affected too? What time of the day did you spray and were the flowers out when you did it?

  • I sprayed the honeysuckle in the evening. The flower were out, but not looking wonderful.

    I don`t think it is completely dead, but I believe the insects have got to it.  Is there anyway I can put it back to good health?

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Sounds like it looks a bit of a mess and honeysuckle should be pruned when they have finished flowering so a little early but should be fine...go for it. Prune down a stem to a healthy or healthier looking side shoot. Take out all dead wood. Blast it with a hosepipe when sun not on it in the evening a few times to deter insects and hope for the best image

  • I have a honeysuckle growing up my fence.  Its grows really well, new shoots and really healthy leaves only problem is the flowers are rubbish and have been for the last two years.  Was thinking of getting rid of it all together but should I just cut it down as above.

    Any advice please.

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