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Hi, this will be the first of many posts on this forum I think (just bought a new house with a garden full of stuff I don't know!). Expect lots of "what's this?" photosimage

But first things first, garden has a pond, about 60cm wide by 2m long (goes round the corner of the house in a curve). It was very congested so I pulled out some green gunk just to give a bit of breathing room. I also cut back the grassy stuff (pendulous sedge???) which was overrunning the whole area. And now with a bit of sun the water lilies have started to flower image Some of them are planted in container below the surface, but some of them are in a container (normal garden container, not a basket) which is not fully submerged. About an inch of the container and soil within are above the pond waterline. So my first question is, should I try to get them deeper to submerge the top of the container, or leave them as they are (which has recently been revealed to the sun with my cutting back of the grass)

n.b.I think there's a lot of sludge at the bottom of the pond, don't think the previous owners looked after it much, so not sure how deep it is to the actual bottom, and not sure whether to disturb sludge and find the bottom....

Happy times ahead image


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    its best not to disturb the sludge at the bottom as it is will be full of things that live in the pond and you will need it for the plants,unless its too much and making the pond foul.I planted my lily in a pond pot and put it well into the pond on  a brick .it needs below the surface and if you have a small pond a small lily .

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    Hi image just a quick question.is the pot that is not submerged definitely a water lily?

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    Mmm, I'm wondering the same as addict - not sure that a water lily would have survived above the water line - could it be something else?  

    Or maybe the water level has dropped?  

    Cat's Mum  - can you post a few pictures to help us please - in case you've not fathomed (see how I drop a little joke in there image) it out yet, to upload a picture that you have on your pc, just click on the picture of the tree which is on the toolbar above where you type your post - then follow the instructions - if I can do it anyone can image

    Oh, and welcome image  We're going to enjoy helping you with this garden!

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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     Here's the not-in-the-water lily image You can see how far the pot is showing. It's covered in bits of weed cos I had my hands in there checking out what it was sat on (a slab with what feels like bricks underneath, so definitely intended to be at that height)


     This is a wider view of the pond (one end of it, it goes around the corner to the right at the top of the pic). The level does look low - do you reckon I should top it up (no fish but have seen frogs and baby newts so guessing waterbutt water would be better than from the tap?)

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    Yes, I'd top it up and yes, use the waterbutt water - that may not be enough so if you have to use tap water try to fill buckets and leave them standing for several hours to let chlorine etc evaporate and the temperature to rise a bit. 

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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