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Pear tree


My pear tree has all leaves covered in back spots (photo attached). Is this scab or something else? Any advice highly appreciated.


  • MuddyForkMuddyFork North HampshirePosts: 435

    You forgot to post the picture

  • My pear tree is the same. It began last year when all the leaves seemed to rot on the tree and there were very few pears.  I put it down to the wet weather, but this year it has set lots of fruit and was looking healthy till yesterday when I noticed the same type of black mould starting on the leaves.  Is there anything we can do about it?

  • frensclanfrensclan Posts: 119

    I planted a couple of comice pear trees 3 years ago when we move into this house and each year the leaves have had the same black mould and gradually the trees have died back and now are about 2/3 the origional size. Also have the same blackening of leaves on a crab apple that was OK for a couple of years ( they are usually pretty robust so was v surprised) and my plum? My garden is on very heavy clay and is very wet so assuming this is not helping so had replanted in slightly raised beds to try to get them off to a better start; and of course sprayed last year.

    I wonder if anyone can tel me if there is any point in spraying this late in the season. for the first time ever my crab apple seems to have set no fruit. All the fruit trees I have in pots are fine so am assuming it must be something to do with the ground conditions? What kind of soil do you have?

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