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Laying turf in this summer weather

I know it's not ideal to be laying turf in the height of summer, but alas this is the situation I am in!

I am laying turf tomorrow. The ground has been rotivated a week ago, and since then leveled. I put down some B&Q pre-turf fertiliser pellets yesterday and watered most of the garden last night. I will water it again tonight ahead of tomorrow.

The garden is big - 260sq meters, and watering with the sprinkler means moving it 4-5 times! Also, the garden gets sun for the majority of the day (from about 7am through to about 8pm)

My question is, I have heard contrasting information:

  • Water heavily early in the morning (4-5am), while the ground is in shade. Water less heavily in the evening (9-10pm)
  • Some people say to water through the day, others say it does more damage than good / is pointless. This reduces rotting over night?

It's going to be near impossible for me to spend an hour or two watering the garden through the day (as we both work).

Any advice on water newly laid turf in the summer sunny days? How long should I be watering heavily twice a day for?


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