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Talkback: Holly berries

This is the first year that my aquafolium Ilex has had only one berry on and this is well hidden from the birds. I am lucky to have friends that allow me to prune there Ilex's for them so I have avast amount to play with in teaching workshops christmas wrealths,garlands and table arrangements, so as there are no berries we use other sources of berries that will achieve just as wonderful a display as if using our Ilex berries. There is the crataegus orientalis,Sorbus aira'Lutescens' and Skimmia japonica.


  • Is there a secret to having lots of berries on holly? I have a very poor show of berries on my bushes each year despite having a number of different varieties. Is there anything I can treat the bushes with earlier in the year?
  • when is the best time to prune holly
  • I have 5 hollys and have never had a berry on any,shall I leave them and hope that they will have berries, are there any holly plants that WILL have any berries?
  • if my tree is male; is there no hope of berries? How will I know unless lack of berries is the only way to tell. This tree came from many tiny trees growing under a very full of berries tree.
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