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Limp Japonica - but only on one side

A few weeks ago I bought a medium sized Fatsia Japonica from my local garden centre and planted in in a newly created bed. I have just set up a few new beds in my yard, as we have moved to a new build property. We've removed the roll on lawn to create beds, and have to excavate quite a lot of heavy clay and replace with soil improver - organic top soil.

For a while the Japonica has appeared to be content, but increasingly recently it has developed a significant droop on one side. The plant has two established stems coming from a single root ball, and it's as if each stem has a different personality. Leaves on the one are green and developing, whilst on the other they are wilting and simply limp - definitely giving the impression of dying slowly.

I have seen that Japonicas may be victim to various forms of root rot, but what is confusing me is the Jeckly and Hyde nature of the two stems, which are part of a single plant.

Any advice would be most gratefully received.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,957

    Sometimes you find that two separate plants have been potted up into one pot, to create a bushier effect.  It might be that one of these is failing.  There may be nothing that you can do about it if it is dying 

    If one of them does die, I'd cut it right down to the ground - the other will easily grow big enough to form a good sized plant, it will just take a little longer. 

    I suppose you could dig it up and see if there are vine weevils in the roots, but I'd worry about damaging the healthy one so I think I'd take the risk and leave the roots alone.

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