Potatoes falling over

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My potatoes are in bags and some have begun to tumble over at just above soil level, when the first lot fell over i thought something had hit them like a kids ball had been kicked in the bag but several bags of spuds have now begun to just flop over just above soil level.

Is this normal the bags feel mildly damp but not soaking so due for a water tonight.First lot fell over in the week and had not long since been well and truly watered.


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    Spuds in sacks that's what I do.

    1.. Are the sacks heavy ?

    2. Are the leaves still dark green and have you had any flowers on them..tiny little white ones ?..Not all spuds flower

    3. Do you know the name of them? so we can decide if they are early cropping ones

    4. What sort of compost have you planted them in and have you fed them anything ?

    Above all don't panic spuds are tough and usually okay unless bag dries out, they don't want to be soaking wet all the time. 

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    p.s. I've asked those questions Nin, so we can decide what's best, it might be that they are yellowing and falling over because your spuds are ready, if that's the case you don't need to keep watering much.

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    It's quite normal if the plants don't have support.

    I put cane supports in the bags with twine wrapped round the canes before the spuds start to grow, spuds grown in bags tend to grow taller than those grown in the ground and can be blown over by the wind or simply because they've got top heavy.

    They could also be dying back ready for harvest.

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    Hi Kef 

    Have flower buds but no flowers 2 lots of second early one lot of sallad (charlotte ) and one lot of main crop three bags each type . Very healthy very green just worried re the toppling as foliage is over a metre high above the bag top. fed a little tom feed but used soil with some food to earth up.

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    I think I have a similar problem, I have paatoes in pots, with around 2 feet of foliage on.  I wondered I should tie it up, or if it would harm the crop if I cut some of the length off - ie would the energy going into the leaf then be transferred into the growing potato?

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    Charlotte usually does flower, how long since you planted

    One picked today after 13 weeks.image

     Could be ready, have a feel down the side of the bag and see what's there, or could be lack of water, they do need quite a lot once the tubers form.

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    Nan, those buds might be what has followed the flowers that you missed. Dig in and have a look I think you'll find your spuds are big enough to make chips withimage

    Zazu, I don't stake mine and deffo don't cut leaves off. Depending what variety and how long then have been planted.  I wait until the  foliage starts to yellow and then examine what's in the sack.

    See Netherfields pic above..13wks and a brill spud, do as he says.

    Netherfield I could just eat that ( well cooked) with a bit of butter..mine not quite ready yet..Pentland Javelin..first earlies but weather was so cold when they went in sacks..I love getting them out, not as good as digging up from soil but always a bit of a thrill to see what you've got.

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