Piggy Back Plant - Tolmiea

elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

I had a Tiger Begonia (Tolmiea) for years and gave away lots of cuttings.  I've now lost my original by leaving it out all winter.  I can't find one to buy anywhere.  Anyone know where I can get one please?


  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,014

    Elliedaisy -I am a bit confused as to which plant you had -tiger begonia and piggy back plant are different plants image

    pamLL x

  • XX Posts: 707

    I know Tolmeia as an outdoor perennial?

  • elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

    Oh, you're right, there were two different plants and I lost them both.  A lovely, stripey tiger begonia which does well indoors all year and in shade and gets tiny flowers on it sometimes.  I also had a piggy back plant which is fresh green and has minature leaves growing above the existing ones.  Its TWO plants I've lost as well as my mind.  The further I go towards 70 the dafter I get.  Any ideas please (about the plants I mean - not my head).

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,014

    Elliedaisy - Chiltern do Tolmeia seeds image


    I do have a Tiger begonia - your are welcome to a piece of rhizome but I can't email you - sorry !

    Pam LL x

  • elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

    You are very, very kind but I don't know how we'd make that work.  Thank you anyway.

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