Cayenne Peppers - Pot Size

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I have a few cayenne peppers growing which are only in litre pots, i feed and water them regularly and there are lots of fruits on them now (i did have an issue with them not polinating but took to using a paint brush to do it myself)

So they are all coming along nicely, but ive read in a few magazines that ideals pots are 5-10 litre, as everything is going ok at the moment, should i just leave them, or would it be advisable to pot them?

From looking at the roots it appears they could do with potting on, but with space limited and the crop coming along nicely, i was wondering if it was ok to just let them get on with it.



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    Andy, if you have enough peppers growing on the plants at their current size you could leave them be but potting-on to a larger size pot will allow the plants to keep growing in size and produce more flowers (plus they will need less watering and feeding.)  One thing to bear in mind is that if they happen to accidentally dry out for a short period, they are likely to drop all the flowers and may be reluctant to start folwering again.

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    Hi Singy, if they look happy and are producing a good crop, I'd be inclined to let them got on with it.

  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    Thanks for the replies Bob and Paula, i may pot on a couple of the plants and leave the others.

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