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What a difference a day makes.......

Well, three weeks actually. I thought I'd pluck up the courage and post the current mess we call a garden and show all what we had to deal with. Inspired by other posters blogs of their garden progress and achievements, I thought I'd post on my progress as a way of being able to look back and see how far I have got. Pics to follow in next post, once I switch to windows....zzzzzzz.


  • Well, here was how the garden looked at the beginning of this month.




     This was a day after I had started hacking away at about 60 ft sq of brambles running wild down the left hand side of the garden.

    I have mainly been doing structural work on the garden the past few years by making it into 3 main levels. A hell of a lot of digging done with a shovel, pickaxe and 2 hands.

    This is the stage I am at now...




     Out of the past three weeks I have spent on it, 49 hours has been spent sieving the pile of dirt on the top layer to be put in the raised veg beds. Still got to sieve about 3 cubic metres of the stuff, image but I will get there if this rain holds off.

    The raised bed running with vertical posts running up the middle of the garden is going to have trellis attached and I am planning to use it as a fruit bed. Can anyone suggest what i can put in there? I was thinking of putting dwarf root stock apple tree and pear tree etc, trained against the trellis, but am worried about how much I can put in the one bed. It measures 2.4 metres long by 0.8 metres wide by 0.4 metres deep. Any suggetstions?

    My aim for the rest of the year is to get the beds filled with soil so that I can manure it ready for spring sowing and planting. I have already planted caulis and cabbages in one of the beds, I was going to plant onion sets in the others, but will probably wait and bring on seeds this christmas instead. Any suggestions on any other plants I can start now?

    The overall plan of the garden is to have the steps leading up to the garden running up the left hand side of the picture alongside the boudary fence ( wall to be built next year), into an area wit two raised beds for flowers ( a shaded bed with water feature backing onto the trellis of the fruit planter, and a raised bed in full sun position) with a lawned?? area meandering through an archway into the veg (business) area of the garden. Here is where a set of steps will lead up onto the top level, where a shed with a lean to greenhouse is to be built, along with decking and pergola.


     Hope that makes sense. Do you think this will work? Any other suggestions on what I can do. Oh, one other thing, Three O'clock position is South facing.

    Thanks for any advice. Darren.

  • Wow, Darren a lot of work put in. I wish I'd taken photos of my garden from scratch. Hopefully you'll get plenty of advive on here but you seem to be doing fine.

  • Miss BecksMiss Becks Posts: 3,468

    Darren, I don't envy you on the sieving. I have to do all my borders, but it has just been too wet since I bought my sieve. I have so many stones in my soil.

    I love that you have a plan of what to aim for. Pictures are great to look back at as you progress. image

  • What fantastic progress.  This gives me some inspiration to get on with the garden we're going to move into (it was my father-in-law's house and is much bigger than ours), as this hasn't been touched for 10 years and is COVERED in brambles!

  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    Darren, you must be so pleased with your progress. It puts me to shame as I am terribly slow going about things. Just one thought about training fruit trees - the ones I inherited were espalier trained and had very solid metal posts and quite thick wire for training them on. I wonder if trellis will be 'man enough' for the job.

  • Hi Flobear, I had the same thought about weight bearing. The trellis is to act as a screen, the fruit will either be trained to metal wires secured into the 2 by 4 uprights, or I'm going to put some steel reinforcing grid (if you know what I mean) up against the posts.
  • I know what you mean Insomnia, tried to do a bit of sieving today, but the soil is still too damp. Went out and planted out some bulbs I bought instead, ended up planting 400 in total, think I went a bit overboard on buying bulbs being a newbie, still got 130 left and 250 on route by post and nowhere to plant them, doh.
  • Hi, I thought I'd bump this post again because no one has answered my query about how many fruit trees, and what types I could put in the central raised bed. Hope someone can help, cheers.
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