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cat poo in veg patch

I have 6 raised beds covering 22sq metres and in previous years have grown masses of veg but after having a stillborn last year I've been incredibly neurotic about soil and cat poo during another pregnancy (because of toxoplasmosis risk, which wasn't what caused my stillborn but any potential risk has scared me) and haven't been in the garden. My baby is due now and I'm getting itchy fingers to get back gardening and did a recky of the beds yesterday.....lots of weeds but also cat poo. I plan to remove all the poo and a few inches of soil beneath it but will it be safe to plant root veg and salad in the same patch?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,431

    Toxoplasmosis can't be transmitted via the actual veg.

    The problem might be with any soil left on root crops. If you wash them well, and then peel (and boil) there should be no problem.

     Any leafy stuff for salads eaten raw, might be more of a problem, I always wash mine and leave it to soak in salty water (mainly to make any caterpillars float off), but I don't think that would kill toxoplasmosis eggs.

    Anything like beans  or peas that are up in the air, will be fine.

    Try to deter cats from using your beds as litter trays by sticking sharp stuff like holly prunings in it, or use enclosed netted areas.(enviromesh tunnels)

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