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Help My Hydrangeas are not looking good



Can anybody tell me what is happening to my Hydrangeas. The leaves are going yellow and shrivelling up.


  • Hi. Hydrangeas are pretty tough, though, and can hold their own against other other plants. It isn't underneath a tree or anything, is it? If it is getting light and air, I'd give it a good feed and a mulch with rotted manure. Yellowing leaves are a sign of nutrient deficiency or maybe lack of water - they like plenty to drink. Also, does it have enough depth of soil for its roots to spread? it looks as though it might be next to a drive or something, where maybe a smaller plant might do better. Obviously, there's soil under a drive, so it isn't impossible to grow it there.

  • Johnboy2Johnboy2 Posts: 19

    Thank you for those suggestions.  I'll give it a good feed and more water.  We have started with a high Nitrogen feed si fingers crossed.  I'll let you know what the outcome is.  Thanks again

  • Just a further comment. Verdun, who is a plant expert, was absolutely right about it not really having enough room to grow. Obviously, it will get pretty big, in time. You can't easily cut them back, because you don't get flowers the following year (they flower on last year's wood) although you can cut back a third of the stems each year to limit the size. Also, you need to think about what kind of soil they are growing into under that path or drive and whether it is good enough to sustain them. When they get bigger, will they be in the way of people passing by? Hydrangeas are tough and can put up with quite a lot, providing they get enough water. If when you've fed and watered it, it is still looking sick, the answer might be the soil you've planted it into.

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