Red and white currants....

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This is my first successful crop of currants when the birds haven't got them and I'm every so pleased with them image but me thinks I'm on borrowed time. I've pruned the top branches off to allow sun in, netted them but there's a gap of 1ft at the bottom of the netting frame. Second line of defence against birds are several children's brightly coloured windmills spinning in the wind. Hope they aren't all eaten by the morning, I've only had one bunchimage.

The red currants are begining to all change colour, making it obvious to see when reds will be ready, will the white one's be ready at the same time?

Do you pick them all at once or can some be left on the plant for a later picking? They were left to late last year and the birds got to themimage

How long do they keep and what is the best way to keep them?

There's only so many currants one can eat in a weekimage


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    Don't know how to prevent the birds, apart from dangling some old cd's from sticks stuck in the ground around the bushes, we only have sparrows here and they don't seem to like berries.image

    As far as keeping the berries is concerned, I spread them out on baking paper on a pizza tray (or similar), put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and then into a plastic freezing bag, seal well and put back into the freezer. This way they stay nice and loose and you can take out however many you need at a time. They thaw out quite quickly and are just like fresh ones!

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    I make Redcurrant jelly ,too image


    Pam LL x

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    Annoyingly the whole strig won't ripen at the same time.  When the berries nearest the branch start to fall off as they are fully ripe, spend a happy interlude going over the bush and picking off the ripe ones.  Do it again a few days later.

    If the berries are for jelly, you can pick them all.  Red currants are never short of pectin but the unripe berries will supply it in spades.  So much so that redcurrant jelly often sets in the saucepan.  The juice can lso be used to beef up the pectin for making jam with deficient fruits like strawberries.

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    Don't think there's enough for jelly, maybe next year, I took some cuttings and most have rooted. Freezing sounds a good plan and strawberry jam sounds yummie with scones and cream.

    I've tried to plug the gap, two pigeons were in the garden today until they so me, the cat is currantly on guard duty and the blueberries are on the naughty step image  

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