Dying plants

The ivy  growing up my fence mysteriously died two months ago and now an Acer has suddenly died for no apparent reason. All the surrounding plants of both these plants remain healthy. What on earth is happening? What with this and the disappearance of my fish(second lot, netted in) I'm beginning to feel disheartened. I don't use pesticides and my neighbours two acers look healthy.  Cheer me up someone!


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    daydaisy- We had fish stolen at last house when we were selling it and the ones in the smaller pond were netted. The other pond was too big to be netted but all the koi and orfe were still  taken. They can stun them apparently. It's the only way ours could have been taken especially the big ones. The only other likely answer would be a heron but if the pond was netted right away it really rules that out.

    Re your plants- has there been weedkiller sprayed there and could someone have done this deliberately? I don't like to suggest that but it seems strange that both those things have happened.

    Sorry that won't have cheered you up image

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    Snap. Does your Acer in any way block any sun from neighbour? I suspect foul play.

  • A rose and two clematis growing over an arch near the boundary with next door have all died and i have a similar suspicion about deliberate vandalism. Silly old man! No, not you, Verdun. image

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    GG that's not good, bet you are more than a tad annoyed.

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    I can't believe people would be so unpleasant - but then again...nothing should surprise me about the human race any more. Let us know how your investigations go daydaisy. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Maybe you can get hold of a video type camera so that you can monitor the area - that might give you the answer. In fact- could you get hold of a fake one- like the burglar alarms- and make a show of putting it up? Perhaps that would be enough to deter the 'vandal' if that's what's happening image

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I think sharing my problems has helped!  My acer was not big enough to annoy anyone although the neighbour over that fence has got up to mischief before (without a cross word being spoken)  This mischief took the form of chicken carcasses being flung over my fence with the hope of killing my cat (now dead prematurely some years ago. still no cross words spoken!)  My ivy  bordered another fence and could have annoyed that lady I suppose, though she is a nice elderly soul. I never spray so I suppose I have to agree that malicious acts could be the problem. My ivy does appear to be sprouting from the bottom so tomorrow is another day.image

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    Best of luck ddaisy. The chicken carcass thing is bizarre! What goes through some people's heads?? Ivy's quite tough and hard to kill so it may be fine as you say. The fish are another issue though. Horrible to think someone is taking/ harming them. It's the fact that they're coming into your property in the night or when you're out etc. Very worrying for you.

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    ohhhhhhhhhh how I hate neighbours like that grrrrrrr

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    Fairy , soz, didn' say soz about fish, I agree not good to think people are lurking about at night, I worry if our side gate is open in the morning, but usually one of us remembers we'd been through it.

    On lighter note we once went on hols for 2 wks and didn't lock conservatory or back garage door, neighbour's little boy messing about whilst Dad watered opened garage door. Good job it wasn't conserv' or alarm would have gone off. Family had spare keys so came and locked up for us.

  • Boundaries cause such problems. In our case, our neighbour used to be friendly but for some unfathomable reason is now hostile and rude. We've done him a few favours - he's old and has only one arm - and don't know why he has changed. Could be his medication, I think. No point in getting angry. I feel sorry for him, really. Anyway, there's no proof it was him, though he did accuse me of killing his roses when I was spraying mine with Roseclear, so it could be revenge. 

    I'd say that, if possible, a high fence is a good solution. We haven't done it, because the boundary is at the front of our house and also because we haven't quite got the heart to blank him out - he could need help one day and we'll be old ourselves in time (though only 27 at the moment, of course). I'm not a saint, believe me, it is just good to have a sense of proportion.

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    No point in starting feuds, it probably won't alter things if the neighbour is malicious. Dialogue could be useful with friendly people though.  I'm wondering if my Acer died from animal pee. I had a friend come to visit with her dog and another neighbour has several cats. I love animals so I couldn't complain if that is the case.

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