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Begonia tubers and dahlias

Hi I have dug out and dried off the  begonia tubers that were in my hanging baskets and my dahlias

do I need to store them in compost over winter or just store as they are in a frost free area. Thanks



  • I wrap dahlia tubers in newspaper and put them in a box in the garage - I make sure that the dahlia stems are pointing downwards so that they drain and rot doesn't set in.


    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • LubaLuba Posts: 19

    I brush begonia tubers lightly, dry them at home for 2 weeks and keep them in open tray over the winter in my boiler room. There is dry and cool all the time (around +7C).

    Also I keep my dahlias there. First lift them, leaving 2-3 inches of stems, carefully wash them, dry them at home for few days. Then using the screw driver, make a small holes in stems (I know it sounds crazy, but my grandparents and parents always did that, taught me that way. I suppose this is important for ventilation or something like that) and put them in plastic bucket with wood-shavings (easy to buy in pet shops). Cover the bucket with lid.

    I keep my gladioli corms in wood-shavings too.

  • That's great thanks for the advice

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