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choosing a greenhouse

I will shortly have a new garden and to compensate for it being so much smaller than the present one my OH has promised me a new greenhouse.  It will have to be on the small side, and will be unheated - used mainly for growing from seed, pricking out etc and also for keeping more delicate plants over the colder months (cacti and succulents, young plants, cuttings and so on).  What advice can you offer on where to look - good makes - and what accessories are the most useful.  Any helpful tips will be gratefully received.


  • mmm - I have been a bit all inclusive haven't I!  I think I'm looking for aluminium, and I'm not looking for the cheapest on offer....for once, but then I don't have unlimited funds either!

  • Thank goodness I'm not alone. I am in the same boat exactly and have been doing a lot of research. In the end I have gone for a Hartley Botanic tradition 8 plant house. I know it's quite expensive, but it seems like you only ever buy one of these as they last a lifetime. Another option, that won't cost you an arm and a leg, the Rhino products look pretty reliable. Remember the old adage , buy cheap, buy twice. 

  • Mine is A Halls (popular) 8 x 6 - feet that is! - with long length toughened glass and a base (which I cemented in at each corner.) The frame is Aluminium with some sort of plastic covering. I went for the 8 x 6 simply for space reasons and I have not been able to run power into it, so it is really nothing more than a very large cold frame, although I did spent a fair bit of time this last summer installing a home brew ground source heat pump. Our local weather people are predicting a frost for tonight, so I shall see at last how effective it is!

    One problem (which happened just the once, but ever since I have been a tad wary) was that one night in a severe wind three of the glass panes blew out. Since then I have made sure that the door is always closed, and I have never experienced this again - guess what's gonna happen now!

    As others have said, go for the one that suits your plot best and don't be afraid to spend money on it. Ensure that it has at least one roof light and a length or two of staging will help a lot.

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    I'm also about to place an order for a Rhino ....  they key deciding factor for me was the door height. My husband is 6ft 4ins and regularly bangs his head on the shed door frame. The Rhino door height is 6ft 5ins so should be Ok.

    I like the Blue Grass colour ... and think it will blend into the garden a bit better than the standard green. The one thing I'm undecided about is the blinds .... seem a tad expensive and might be fiddly to keep clean.

    Just need to do the hard work preparing the base now!

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  • Thanks everyone....any more tips welcome!

    I currently have an ancient greenhouse, lifted over my neighbours fence and into our garden for exactly the reason Teepee says.  The neighbour had his house on the market and glass had blown out of his newish GH - he was relucrtant to replace it so I benefitted.  It has staging the length of one side and a very useful potting bench across the end.  It is not heated.

    I've been on line and found one of those "Simply greenhouses" sites not too far from me, so I think I'll invite my best gardening friend for a day out in the spring which includes snowdrops, a pub lunch, and a magical tour of  several makes of greenhouses .  I'll let you know how I get on.

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    I have a Robinsons and am delighted with it. Price wise it sits between Rhino and Botanical. Comes in all sizes too. let us know what you go with. Best of luck. 

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