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Wasn't sure if to put this in plants or problem solving! I bought a silver wedding rose for my sister then discovered someone else had also bought it her so I decided to plant it in my the label which is attached to the plant clearly says silver wedding, hybrid tea rose, large white my plant is gorgeous, really bushy, very dark glossy green leaves but not at all white! They are a beautiful pink.....other that my rosé changing colour I can but assume they were incorrectly labelled....anyone recognise which one i have as odd like another one.....

thank you everyone 


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...there are so many roses that's it's almost impossible to say for sure, but it's upright form, leafage and silvery pink flowers remind me very much of 'Silver Jubilee'.... a very popular Hybrid Tea...

  • Thank you Salino , I also find this in one of my books last night and thought it could be this one. It's so lovely that I'd like another one, maybe ill just get one and hope for the best. I am somewhat miffed though that I was sold the wrong one in the first place, especially as it was for a present...luckily I kep it image 

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...yes the one you have is very nice in any case...but I know what it's like.. I'd like a pound for every time I've bought plant wrongly labelled...image  I've learnt to only buy roses that have a flower on them, so I know what I'm getting...

    ...enjoy your roses..image

  • Lol..I will remevr that tip image


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