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Talkback: Growing foxgloves

oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
Hi Kate I transplanted my seedlings only to find Verbascum's have come instead,they look just as good and seed every were,so it's not surprising I got them mixed up,trail and error more error on my part. Oldchippy.


  • NewcastleNewcastle Posts: 60
    Mine are growing quite nicely too Kate. The clay soil seems to suit the pretty well. One thing you do have to watch I have found is that you have to watch they don't take over the whole garden as they seed like mad.I am having go at Verbascums for the first time this year although there will probably be no flowers till next year specially in view of the cold and wet Spring. I have found Alliums are helping to give borders some height although I think quite few of the ones I have been raising in containers have succumbed to the cold and the slugs. At least the weather seems to be improving now so hopefully I should get something useful done in what remains of the Summer.

    I am debating whether to give up on a veritable clutter of pots with sees sow last year - some my well have rotted over the Winter but even now I am occasionally seeing some green shoots emerging and having to decide whether what I planted has actually germinated or whether I am unlucky and they are simply self-seeded weeds. All part of the excitement I suppose!
  • damiendamien Posts: 3
    My foxgloves where not so good this year, some bloomed well but other's just gave a small spire and that was it, the weather change that we just had probably didnt help, but I do love Foxgloves
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