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tomato blight

Help!! have I got tomato blight? I have about 12 plants all in flower, or starting to fruit, in different locations around my veg plot, in plastic pots. They all have a darker colouring at the base of the main stems now, and are not a consistant green colour on some of the lower leaves. Is this normal or the early stages of blight. I had it last year and decided not to plant directly in the soil to try to prevent it, so I am hoping they havnt as the blight last year looked very blotchy. Any ideas? I think they are "Money maker" 


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Doesn't sound like blight.  It usually shows first on the leaves.

  • ginagibbsginagibbs Posts: 756

    MMmmm .. there is some yellowing on the leaves, is that it Welshonion? Hope not, I love tomatos!


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