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Irs showing new leaves already!

Hi, my iris, which I was going to move from a pot to the garden, already has new leaves sprouting!  Can I move it, or should I wait until the leaves have died back next year?



  • You don't say what Iris ?  If you have a spot ready for it in your garden and you aren't expecting the ground to freeze in the next few days, I'd say you can do it now.  Otherwise you will be waiting until it's flowered and died back next year.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,359

    If it's in a pot, it can be planted at any time unless the ground's unsuitable.  Of course, I'm assuming it's the summer flowering, bigger, bearded type and not a flag or Sibirica, in which case it won't mind being waterlogged! Soggy ground won't suit the former. 

    If it's a small or young plant, I'd leave it till spring, when it'll be a stronger plant. Just keep it in a sheltered spot to overwinter if that's the case. image

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