Any advice would be grateful, have 7 Climbing Roses all with Blackspot. What am i doing wrong ?? Or could it be some Roses have this disease??  Also when watering them i water at the roots is this ok to do this way??


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    You need to spray them with something like Fungus Clear which you can buy in a garden centre. Some roses are more prone to black spot than others and it is catching. If the rose is well fed and watered it is more resistant to disease. They should be sprayed fairly early, after the leaves come out. Not always easy when it keeps raining. I water my roses at the roots too. The diseased leaves should be put on the bonfire or thrown away, not on the compost heap.

    We went to the RHS garden, Rosemoor, in Devon last year. The rose gardener told me that they only plant disease resistant roses there.

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    Also the fungus for black spot can over winter in the soil, so plant hygiene is very important in these cases.

    With the weather we've had being v wet last year and long dark winter this (light levels affect roses as well as us!) fungal problems have been at their worst. But Busy-Lizzie is absolutely right by watering at the base, removing infected leaves etc.

    There are also treatments for around the base of the rose, amillatox-obviously very watered down (1:50 I think but not sure on that) was mentioned by a very reputable and well known rose grower, but the jury is still out whether it really has any real effect,I dont' do it myself as I try to be as organic as poss. Maybe clearing some of the soil around the plant at the end of the season and giving it a really deep, good organic mulch would help ... well it won't do any harm anyway.

    Don't despair, can be so frustrating, even roses that are less susceptible have had some problems just recently. Hope you can still enjoy them image.

  • Thanks for your help Busy-Lizzie/Sunnydayz have been out in the garden the past few days have watered at the roots as said and taken off loads of diseased leaves but boy my Roses are still blooming will be going to the garden centre this week for definate to get some Fungus Clear (thought i had some in my shed).

    In near future will let you know how things go.

    Thanks for help image

  • Ive heard that if you have a coal fire and spread the sweepings when you have your chimney swept around the base of the rose the acidity in the soot kills off the black spot fungus, ive never tried it as my roses dont get black spot but might be worth a go if you can get your hands on some coal soot


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    Bournemouthgardener, I don't know about soot, but Dad used to say he didn't have a problem with blackspot until we became a smokeless zone in the late 70s, he believed that smoke helped prevent it. At some point in his life he smoked a pipe, I wonder if he sat near them and puffed on them image

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    Blackspot is worse if you live in an area with pure air. If lichen grows on your apple trees then the air is pure! I wouldn't want to put any ash around roses apart from wood ash.

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    my grandad always sprayed with one part skimmed milk to nine parts water.. said it keeps of most diseases.. and i use it and dont get black spot or rust.. or much disease at all..

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    What part of the day do you spray gardeningfactic.

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