Hi, I have a question about a rockery in my garden. The house and garden are about 100 years old, so some of the plants have been around a while - like those on the rockery at one end of the garden. In fact, the plants are pine trees and are around 30-40 feet high! There are 6 or 7 of them.

This week, I have renovated the rockery as it had been neglected for some years. I trimmed all the trees of their lower branches and removed about a foot of pine needles, exposing the rocks for the first time in years.

The rockery faces east and has a flat top. It gets some sunshine around mid morning, but the rest of the time it is shaded. When it rains, only about 1/3 of the rockery actually gets wet, so it is very dry.

So my question is, what plants can you suggest to grow on it - it is very large, east facing, dry/arid, gets little rain, little sun and the soiul must be extremely acidic (not to mention a little like concrete!)

Any help gratefully accepted. Thanks.


  • sthurosthuro Posts: 1

    You could try sedums and sempervivums but I'd suggest testing the soil pH first and increasing it with lime if it is less than about 6.5.

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