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problem with first year rose bushes

Earlier this year I planted 9 rose bushes They have all produced buds which have opened but now the branches on which the buds have developed are mostly bending and looking very fragile HELP please what can I do to save these bushes


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...are these Austin roses by any chance...?  do you have any names of these roses...? lots of them have weak necks in the early years...

  • I had the same problem with a couple of Austin climbing roses (overlong stems and very big, blousy flowers that weighted them down so much they nearly hit the floor) and was told it was characteristic of the plants in the early years as Salino said, but to avoid nitrogen fertilisers and instead use phosphorus based fertiliser to strengthen the stems. I loosely supported the weak stems with twine and stakes to prevent breakage, and I bought Uncle Tom's rose feed at the suggestion of someone at my gardening club and it definitely seems to have done the trick (combined with another year of growth).

  • Paul  66Paul 66 Posts: 7

    thank you I will get some twine and stakes and also some phosphorus fertiliser I am very grateful for your input

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