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Please some one out there, please please help!image Yearly I wait eagerly to grow sweet corn, imagebut disaster has struck....eeeeekkkkkk.image Some of the plants are showing signs of either being attacked by nasties imageor by having some kind of disease.image I've re-searched over internet with failed results. The initial problematic plants I eradicated from site just encase it was viral, but since, others are now showing the same signs of having what ever.......I'm desperate to save the crop I have left standingimage........the leaves seem to fail at stem, showing signs of browning and withering, top of leaf remains healthy until they totally weaken at the source then die, all leaves on plants eventualy show these signs, even if I remove contaminated leaf before other show signs of being contaminated this does not stop the spread...........OMG please please advise/help, begging anybody......want fresh home grown sweetcorn this year, a must......THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!image






  • Emma1978Emma1978 Posts: 201

    Have they had hot sun after being rained on/ watered? Look a bit scorched

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    My RHS Pest & Diesease book says that sweetcorn can suffer fron Boron defieciency but doesn't explain how.  Matbe worth googling it

  • Emma1978, thank you for taking the time to help me, afraid not, where it looks scorched is the yellowing and browning of what ever it is.....starts small then gets progressingly worse, happens during weeks and weeks of no sunshine, I really really do appreciate your suggestion, most gratified thank you very much indeed.....

    Muddy Fork, liking the name...excellent suggestion huge thanks, I'm on to googling straight hope it's it and I can remedy it, most obliged and indepted to you if that be the answer......thank you for being so helpful and kind to take the time out to look it up...profuse thanks....


    Much and many many thanks to you both, so really very very kind of both of you.......take care

  • Emma1978Emma1978 Posts: 201

    so sorry that they're dying image

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 234

    Some of my sweetcorn plants look similar and I'm convinced that squirrels scrabbling around them is the problem. In some cases, they've actually snapped stems, in others it's as if they've pulled at leaves, leaving them looking ragged.

    Might not be what's causing this to yours but if you've got squirrels nearby beware... I've tried putting netting and various around but they don't seem deterred.

  • Emma1978......oohhh that's really sweetimage...thank you for your concern, I'm sorry too, really really sorry....image

    Hay ho Muddy forkimage, looks as if you may be on to a winner!!!!!! imagehow very clever of you to source such.......googled it, been and researched it and looked it up in numerous garden books, one photo on web showed exactly what my plants looked like....infact it could have almost been one of my photo's....! It's soil defficency, some types of plants are more susceptible to this than others......I'm hoping, got everthing crossed, that my emergency second crop, do hope I've not be to late in germenation for the plants to crop, will not sow signs, at the moment they seem to be holding their own, different type see....mmmmmm watch this space.......... like I'm obsesseivly watching my corn.image I'll continue to delve in to Boran defficency and hope to come up with a solution.....can't thank you enough, well done....infact very very well star!image

    Bf206.....thank you for your suggestion too,image you've all have been so very very kind and helpful.....yes squirrels do sometimes frequent my garden,image never would I have dreamt of such a happening. The problem is with my first batch of corn, not all but just a few, the others, and my second planting seem to be, dare I say it, am I tempting fate, okay to a degree at the's a mystery...I'm working on Boran deficency suggested by MuddyFork, seem a strong possibility....... My netting is coming right back out though as we speak for certain, rest assuredimage.....thank you so very very much....

    To the 3 of you enjoy your gardeningimage........and make most of the weatherimage x

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