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terrarium planting from seed

Could any anyone give me any expert advice please! I wish to purchase some sort of terrarium kit that contains seeds and all the planting products for a terrarium that I can send to my daughter through the post. She has a glass bowl ready for contents.As not being an expert  has anyone purchased any products that have proved a success. Many Thanks!


  • I'm not sure how do-able this is! The kinds of things that thrive in a terrarium,such as creeping fig, peperonia, small asparagus ferns, African violets  etc are likely to be either cutting raised or quite tricky to raise from seed, and it would take a relatively long time. Good garden centres often have small 'starter' house plants in little pots, some of which might be suitable and it would probably be cheaper and more successful overall to use these. If carefully packed and sent first class they should arrive in good shape - collect some suitable light weight plastic boxes from your supermarket shop and use plenty of packing, such as bubble wrap, so things can't rattle around.

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