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Yes i agree with you james plants make my cup runneth over! The feeling i get as i walk out into my garden rain or shine is one of wonder.I know what you mean about cat wrangling!!!!!!!!!


  • Please could someone advise me.
    I have two tall silver pots that I am looking to place at either side on the entrance to my Gazebo.

    Can anyone suggest suitable plants to put in them??

    The pots will be on top of gravel more north faceing but will be open to elements from the east and west too.

    MAny thanks in advance
  • Hey James, I hunted down DAHLIA merckii earlier this year. I love it, but dont know how to keep it through winter. It is still in a little pot in my coldframe, should I cut back the foliage and dry it like your conventional DAHLIA? I understand it to be hardy, but I am scared of losing it. Please help.
  • Can anyone advise me on a short variety of cosmos to grow from seed say eighteen to twenty four inches tall
  • I go all weak kneed when I am about to dig up my first potatoes, i run into the house shouting"look at these" when I get the first handful up, its something only gardeners understand
  • I agree about the plants found by Reginald Farrer and hope to be half the enthusiast he was
  • Funny how we feel about things, when I managed to get a mortgage some years ago, I was delighted that I was buying the plot of land that the house stood in nothing to do with the house, I had always wanted a garden, my husband thought I was mad because I had treated myself to a gardening book years before I ever believed that I would ever own a garden.
  • Good for you, Kay. I hope you still get the same pleasure from your gardening.
  • I want to know if Roy ever talks to groups snd how I get in touch with him?
  • i lovereading about plants andoing the quizes but iv got this plant i bought it from market in chesterfield it green brivit like leaves but if keptin the light its pink it does tend to grow out so iv been nipping them of to grow some timeas thy go all green leaves can u tell me how to keep them pink as it look so nicewen it is pink hope u under stand this thank u
  • GnomeyGnomey Posts: 11

    I think as we get older we start to appreciate the life giving force that plants can bring. I tell you not even king Solomon in all his might and splendor was as good looking as a simple flower looks. Something like that anyway image

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