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Hello again everyone

Is there a rule of thumb with cutting buds and flowers, as to what will open indoors once cut, and what will just stop developing?

For example, we have some freesias, with several buds on a stem. Once one flower opens, if I cut the stem and bring it indoors will the rest of the buds open or does cutting it arrest development?


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    Don't know about freesia's but Lilies will open up indoors after being cut and if the waters changed they will keep fresh for up to two weeks.

    The lower heads start to drop off foxgloves but the tops take a while to drop, they need to have their water topped up as they're thirsty flowers.

    Sweet Pea and gladioli need to be flowering but if I remember from last year, gladioli will continue to flower. Daffs open up after being picked.

    Other posters will be able to help with other varieties, I'm sure...


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    awesome, thanks

    ive realised i really know nothing! 

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    I'm no expert on growing flowers but like cut flowers. 

    Love growing stuff in the garden but work full time, so it's always nice to come downstairs in the morning, rain or shine to see flowers indoors before I go off to work.

    Hope you enjoy your indoor flower display....image  

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    so for future reference...

    day lily flowers only last about 36 hours (that's why they't called day lilies... !), but closed buds will open after the stem has been cut and brought inside

    freesia buds open, but older flowers have often 'gone over' by the time the later buds open so they require a bit of housekeeping to maintain looking good

    I will post how other flowers behave as and when...

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